Sikom Fire Manager

Configuration tool for our IQ Fire Alarm System

Latest release

Installation instructions

  • Use a Windows based system.
  • Download the zip file from the download link above.
  • Install Sikom Fire Manager by running SetupSikomFireManager.msi.
  • If informed about Windows protecting your PC, click More info and Run anyway.
  • Install the driver for the DSIQ USB device by running “Install DSIQ driver” from the Start Menu.

How to run

  • Use a Windows based system.
  • Start Sikom Fire Manager from the Start Menu or the shortcut on the Desktop.
  • Your default browser should open a new tab with Sikom Fire Manager. If your browser does not open, navigate to http://localhost:5000/.
  • Connect the IQ Setup Interface (DSIQ) via USB. If connected correctly, you should see the DSIQ version and status in the top right corner after login.
  • The SFM application running in the background is terminated two minutes after the last SFM tab is closed.

Previous releases